Dealer Update – July 2016

Dear dealers,

Here we are again with a new dealer update. It has been two months since the last update and we have some information we want to share with you in order to provide optimal service to our customers.


Service rate per hour

Since July 2016 we have increased our service rate per hour from € 55 to € 58,5. We have tried to keep the hourly rate as low as possible, but due to inflation, specialized equipment and overhead we were forced to higher this service hourly rate.

Service email address

To make sure your e-mail will reach someone in the service department, please use the general e-mail address [email protected].

New website

The new website is online! Check it at After logging in as a dealer all the software, installation manuals, user manuals, cable drawings are available. For customers we have the SBG Desktop PC software and user manuals available without a login. This week we will send you a manual for the new website.

Don’t have a login? Let us know, send an e-mail to [email protected].


We have some new manuals on the website;

  • Installation and Setup manual for the Raven 600S receiver with SBGuidance (EN)
  • User manual Crop Registration (DE)
  • Installation manual Side Shift (EN)

Overview firmware versions

In the labyrinth of firmware versions for al kind of controllers, sometimes it’s hard to know which firmware version is the newest. Hereby a short overview with the newest firmware versions per controller. The firmware can be downloaded on our new website (behind the dealer login). Use all these new firmware versions with the newest CANTool 1.29.9.

No. Description Firmware version
SBG10919-02 Tractor Steering STU_DEFAULT_1_3_0
-> John Deere 6×20/6×30 series STU_JD6X_3_0_25
-> John Deere 6R-series STU_JD6R_3_0_25
-> Special Steering Systems STU_FOURWHEEL_3_0_25
-> FastSteer STU_FASTSTEER_0_0_3
SBG10919-07 Side-Shift Steering STU_SIDESHIFT_2_0_30
SBG10919-08 Plough Steering STU_PLOUGH_1_1_2
SBG10919-11 STU Slave (IO-controller) STU_IOCTRL_0_0_5
SBG10919-12 Onland Plough Steering STU_ONLAND_PLOUGH_3_0_25
Lemken TurnControl Pro STU_PLOUGH_LEMKEN_0_0_28
SBG10919-09 Disc Steering STU_DISK_1_3_0
SBG10911 DynamIQ (tractor) IMU_TRACTOR_2_0_6
SBG10911-01 DynamIQ (implement) IMU_IMPLEMENT_1_1_3
SBG12140 USB-CAN controller (GeoSTAR) USBCAN_1_0_3
SBG10919-04 Mini I/O STEERCTRL_1_2_3
SBG13490-05 SmartSwitch (SCU hardware) ACTUATORBOX_1_1_7
SBG13490-12 SmartSwitch Light (STU hardware) ACTUATORBOX_L_1_1_7
SBG13490-11 SwitchBox SWITCHBOX_1_1_6
SBG10919-06 Electronic Valve Controller (EVC) EVC1768_1_0_0

Overview SBGuidance application versions

 Application 3.x.x 4.x.x
SBGuidance 3.8.7 4.0.170
Update manager 0.7 4.0.28
Loader 2.17.3 4.0.14
Field manager 2.11.0 4.1.8
Machine manager 2.6.0 4.0.2
Base manager 3.4 4.0.5
SlingShot Manager 4.1.2 4.1.2

Overview software/firmware Septentrio

Not only the SBG firmware/software needs to be updated sometimes, also the GPS receiver firmware (Septentrio) needs a periodic update in order to make sure it works as optimal as possible. We made a short overview for the different GPS receivers in our terminals (Viper 4 = AsteRx4, GeoSTAR has one of the other receivers).

Receiver type Firmware version File Name Comments
AsteRx4 4.1.4 AsteRx4-firmware-4.1.4-full.suf
AsteRx2e 3.4.0 ssrc1-fw-3.4.0.suf Attention: CMR correction signal = max. firmware 2.5.1
AsteRx2eH 3.4.0 ssrc2-fw-3.4.0.suf Attention: CMR correction signal = max. firmware 2.5.1
AsteRx2eL 3.4.0 ssrc3-fw-3.4.0.suf Attention: CMR correction signal = max. firmware 2.5.1
AsteRx2 2.1 asterx2-fw-std-2.1.suf
PolaRx2 2.7.0-patch1 polarx-software-2.7.0-patch1.suf
PolaRx2e 3.2.2 polarx2e-gnssfw-3.2.2.suf
PolaRx2eH 3.2.2 polarx2e-gnssfw-3.2.2.suf
RxTools Viper4 16_2_0 RxTools_16_2_0_Installer.exe
RxTools Geostar 15_0_0 RxTools_15_0_0_Installer.exe Attention: Do not install a newer version on a GeoSTAR!

SlingShot ontvangst

Unfortunately, Dropbox has decided to not support Windows XP anymore. The Geostar terminals do use this platform, so at the moment it is impossible to update Dropbox on Geostar terminals. As of August 29th, Dropbox will stop working completely on these systems.

We are working on a solution for this, once we know more we will send out an update about this.

SlingShot antenna mounting

The SlingShot Field Hub needs to have a GPS signal before sending out RTK corrections. In order to receive this signal, there is a small GPS patch antenna needed on the roof of the cab. In the middle of the two Laird GSM antennas on the SlingShot Field Hub there is a connector for the GPS patch antenna.

When the SlingShot Field Hub does not receive a GPS signal, it won’t send out any corrections. However, we found out that, in some case, also the Laird GSM antennas is able to receive a GPS signal. If the customer has mounted the three cables in the wrong order, it is possible that the SlingShot Field Hub is still working. However, this can cause big problems with the stability! Always check the cabling if the Slingshot is nog stable in the field!

So, if the cables are mounted as in the picture, it can work, but it won’t be very stable!

Furthermore, we developed some adapters for these SlingShot Field Hub antenna cables. Some of our customers (or all of them) do have thick fingers and it is always a struggle for them to mount these cables. In the picture you can see the adapters, which can be added to the antenna cables to mount them more easily.

These adapters can be ordered now for € 7,50 (excl VAT) per kit.

Please order this kit with the kit number 11178000262.


Service kit

We have assembled a dealer service kit. This service kit is a kit of components which can be useful in case of failure in the field at a customer. There is a basic kit with the normal Autosteer components in it, this kit can be expanded with a kit for implement steering and a kit with components for the conventional system (without CAN; most of the foreign dealers do not have conventional systems). Components and prices of the basic kit are listed below.

service kit basic set

Service kit extensions

The basic service kit can be expanded with two kits, one for implement steering and one for conventional systems. Components and prices are listed below.

service kit implement steering
service kit conventional system

These kits can be ordered once every two years and dealers will have 10% extra discount on top of the dealer discount. Let us know if you already have some components in stock and you want to complete this components to a complete service kit. Also this is only possible once every two years in one complete order.

Prices above (in the yellow text boxes) do not include dealer discounts and the extra 10% discount.

Viper 4 case

We have designed a new casing for transport or storage of a Viper 4 terminal. The case is designed to gather every possible assembly on a Viper 4. There is storage space for;

  • Viper 4 (including Slingshot 1.0 / 2.0)
  • RAM-mounting (short, normal or long)
  • GPS antenne (max. 2)
  • USB-Stick

Case, Viper4 RAM Large

€320* per unit
    • Part Number 11128000001

Case, Viper4 RAM Small

€320* per unit
    • Part Number 11128000002

*Prices do not include dealer discounts