Dealer Update – July 2017

Dear dealers,

Summer in Europe! This dealer update contains some important announcements and changes. For example, we have changed all part numbers to further optimize the integration of SBG and Raven. A summary of the changes is included to this dealer update. In addition, we send an Excel file with the dealer update email, so the changes can be easily implemented in your system.

Latest release SBGuidance

Viper 4+;

At the moment, SBGuidance 4.2.76 is the latest release version for the Viper 4+. SBGuidance 4.2.76 gave a lot of improvements regarding screen freezes (mainly in combination with section control). However, some customers with a Viper 4+ terminal still had some issues with screen freezes. For example, while requesting a Remote Support Session ID or using the fast load functionality. Therefore, we have a new SBGuidance bèta version that is tested at the moment. In this new version, SBGuidance 4.2.79, the screen freeze when using the fast load function and a crash while opening the field data map (at info > field > map) will be solved. We expect to release this new version early August. At that moment it will be available in the Update Manager.

Geostar, Viper4, Agrifac;

SBGuidance 4.1.57 is still the latest release for these field computers. We will inform you when SBGuidance 4.2.xx will be released for these field computers.

New function Update Manager

Something that was already in use, but not yet reported in the dealer update is the new restore/downgrade functionality in the Update Manager. If there are any unexpected problems with a SBGuidance version, the user can choose to restore an older version. This applies only to SBGuidance and not to the other SBGuidance applications such as the Field Manager.

To use this restore function, Update Manager 4.2.1 must be installed. Select SBGuidance in the Update Manager and the Restore Version is displayed at the bottom of the screen (see image below). Press Restore to install this older version.

New manuals

In the past two months we have been working on a lot of new manuals. The manuals stated below are released and online on the SBG website;

  • Installation manual SBGuidance Auto (EN)
  • Update manual CANbus controllers (EN)
    • Including information how to update the new DynamIQ (Raven ISO Steering Controller).
  • Installation manual Deutz-Fahr AgroSky (EN)
  • Installation manual Massey Ferguson AutoGuide (EN)
  • User manual WiFi Manager (EN)
  • Configuration manual WiFi Manager (EN)

Fendt VarioGuide; different CAN connector

At newer Fendt VarioGuide tractors the Fendt connector, where we connect our CANbus system to the Fendt CANbus system, has a different identification number. Previously, we connect to a ‘’loose’’ Fendt connector with number R009. In a Fendt 930 with date of construction 2017, we didn’t find the connector with this number. A connector with the number X2003, located in the exact same location, is the correct connection for the CANbus at these newer Fendt VarioGuide tractors.

See the Fendt VarioGuide installation manual for the location of this connector on the tractor.

Old connector New connector
R009 X2003

Dropbox; bug in Dropbox software

When Dropbox is installed on a GeoStar or Viper 4 terminal the login screen can become black after installation. This is a bug in the Dropbox software and not a problem in the SBG software or the terminal. However, there is a workaround for this issue. First of all in the black screen the cursor changes from ‘’pointer’’ (  ) to ‘’select text’’ (  ). When this happens fill in the email address, then press on TAB and fill in the password.  After that press on ‘’Enter’’ six times and you will be logged in with the appropriate account and settings.

However, the last time Dropbox is changing and adjusting their software a lot. This means that there are more updates than usual. Therefore, we recommend users to use Sync instead of Dropbox. The Sync installation and operation is similar to Dropbox.

Sync Cloud

The installation of Sync Cloud, the program for exchanging fields via the cloud, can give some problems sometimes. Towards the end of the installation an error message could appear on the screen (see screenshot).

In the meantime we found the cause of this issue and there is a solution. Contact the SBG service team to help you. Furthermore, we work on a manual so that you as a dealer can solve this problem too.

Cable drawings

Cable drawings are frequently requested at our service department. It is a good thing when dealers request these cable drawings, but a lot of the common cable drawings are also available on our website. They can be found at Dealer > Cable Drawings.

Agrifac Condor heading

Recently, several Agrifac Condor users with SBG automatic steering and/or section control have some problems with the heading. This causes that sometimes the spraying boom rotates on the screen and a heading fan occurs. This issue can occur, for example, when the customer loads the field and starts spraying right away or drives backwards to a corner of the field and then starts spraying forwards. This problem will enhance if the driver is driving backwards, stops and drives backwards again.

To solve this issue a new SBGuidance version has been developed. This version is installed at some machines in the Netherlands and the first results look very promising. In the next period we will continue to test this version at all the different terminals (Viper 4(+), CC Pilot, Crist), before it will be released.

Since we get the driving direction of the Agrifac via the CANbus it is really important to calibrate the Agrifac control lever properly. When moving the control lever a little bit forwards, the machine must run almost immediately. This gives a positive effect on detecting the driving direction.

New part numbers

To further optimize the integration of SBG and Raven, all the part numbers at Raven and SBG will have the same. So, all the SBG numbers will be converted to Raven standard; a 11-digit part number. To do this as smooth as possible, a cross-reference list has been prepared. Some of the SBG numbers are already converted, nothing will change with these part numbers.

This cross-reference list is included in this dealer update (see pages below). In addition, the list has been sent as Excel file as well, so the changes of the part numbers can be easily implemented in your system.