Dealer Update – May 2017

Dear dealers,

It has been two months since the last update and in the meantime we have gathered some interesting information again. We have created and released some new manuals, updated the Field information and increased the threshold when using VRA maps.

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Laatste release SBGuidance

Viper 4+;

At the moment, SBGuidance 4.2.66 is the latest release.

Geostar, Viper4, Agrifac;

SBGuidance 4.1.57 is still the latest release for this field computers. We will inform you when SBGuidance 4.2.xx will be released for this field computers.

New firmware GPS-receiver Viper4 / 4+

Recently, a new firmware has been released for the AsteRx4 GPS-receivers. As well the Viper 4+ as the Viper 4 are equipped with this receiver. When a field computer is updated, please make sure the GPS-receiver is also updated to this newest firmware.


The update can take up to 30 min!

The newest firmware version; AsteRx4-firmware 4.2.0

The firmware is online and can be downloaded on our website (Dealer > Software).

SBG13710-06; Harness STU manifold V3

Check the DIN connectors at installation

Unfortunately, some of these cables are having some problems in the DIN-connectors. It seems that these connectors, in some cases, are not mounted the correct way.

Please make sure that these connectors, after installation, are checked by starting the system and have a look at the SBG manifold. The problem, in case of these false mounted DIN-connectors, is that all the DIN-connectors are powered up. So the left, right and lock valve are all powered up (all LED’s are lightning).

If these LED’s are not lightning all the time, the cable is fully reliable and can be installed.

VRA-adjustment; from SBGuidance 4.2.56

Until recently, SBGuidance only accepted VRA maps with less than 250 polygons. Since these maps get more precisely and use more polygons, the maximum amount of polygons has been raised to 5000. From now on also the bigger maps can be imported.


To use VRA-maps in SBGuidance, a license is needed!

Important update DynamIQ ISO

In the past months we have gathered a lot of information and experience with the DynamIQ ISO (ISO Raven Steering Controller) in the field. This information and experience have led to a new firmware version.

The module can be updated. However this is another procedure than the ‘old’ DynamIQ and the STU. Depending on the field computer type, some additional programs has to be installed before the DynamIQ ISO can be updated. A complete manual can be downloaded from our website (Update manual CANbus controllers (EN)).

Newest firmware:    P449_SGC_Standard_v1_0_0_248

Important improvements;

  • Improved heading update in low speed
  • Improved front-backwards detection

Fendt VarioGuide; Disconnect the roof gyro

Since a couple of months, Fendt is mounting their ‘Gyro’ standard in all VarioGuide tractors. This module, mounted in the roof hatch, can cause trouble when SBG is installed. Please make sure to disconnect this module when installing SBG to avoid problems (now and in the future).

Location: roof hatch                                                 Disconnect this connector, as the module is
(from within the cabin)

Disconnect this connector, as the module is not on the CANbus anymore.

Use of gathered Field Information

Since SBGuidance 4.1.xx, Field Information can be shown on the terminal. This information, shown in Info > Field > Map, contains the speed, GPS-status, height and more.

In the new Office Manager (Office Manager 4.2.2) these data can be shown on the desktop also. Make sure the coverage data is saved in the field, export the field through the Field Manager and import the field in the Office Manager.


Office Manager

Other improvements Office Manager;

  • Minimum distance of line reference labels (length and direction) is adjustable, so from now on also the length of shorter lines can be read. File > Settings > ‘No labels when line is shorter than:’
  • Direction of lines is now shown with 3 digits behind the comma, so customers can use this direction in their SBG system when they want to.

SBGuidance - Office Manager

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SBGuidance Loader 4.1.15

Since SBGuidance Loader 4.1.15, the maximum of 5 applications is raised to a maximum of 9 applications.