Dealer Update – Nov. 2017

Dear dealers,

The last months the main activities were harvesting and soil tillage in the Netherlands. When we talk about tillage, we have been quite busy with our AutoPlough and Onland Plough systems. In addition we are working on improvements of the software and we made some new manuals. Most interesting is a new SBGuidance 4.2 version for GeoStar and Viper 4 terminals. A lot of customers in the Netherlands are already operating with that version, and it works well! There is a lot of information in this last dealerupdate of 2017, enjoy reading!

Office closed at the end of December

Our Raven Europe office will be closed between Christmas and New Year’s Eve (Wednesday 27-12 up to and including Saturday 30-12). This applies to administration, warehouse, service and sales. However, our sales staff can be reached on their mobile phones. We will be open again on Tuesday, January 2nd.

Latest release SBGuidance

Viper 4+;

SBGuidance 4.2.100 is the latest version for this type of terminal. However, there are some problems with updating to this new version. See ‘’Updating Viper 4+’’ for more information about this. Furthermore, we have seen some issues at Fendt VarioGuide tractors with TWIN steering, but these have been solved in SBGuidance 4.2.103. Please contact the service department when you need this version. We expect that we can release 4.2.103 soon as well.

Geostar, Viper4;

Finally we have a SBGuidance 4.2 version for GeoStar and Viper 4 terminals available. SBGuidance 4.2.100 is the latest version for this type of terminals. To install this version of SBGuidance first update the Loader to 4.1.24 and Update Manager to 4.2.5.


For the Agrifac terminals (CC-pilot and Crist), SBGuidance 4.1.57 remains the release version. Specific modifications will be integrated in a new version of SBGuidance 4.1 when necessary.

Updating Viper 4+

Some problems can occur when updating Viper 4+ terminals via the Update Manager. The SBGuidance Loader and Update Manager must be updated first, before updating SBGuidance to the newest 4.2.100 version. When the Loader restarts after the update the screen can remain black. The existing Update Manager which is installed on all the Viper 4+ computers causes this, but solving this issue in the software turned out to be very difficult.

How do we solve this? We, as the service department, can solve this problem by putting the ‘’good’’ files with File Transfer on the Viper 4+ terminal. Please contact us when you encounter problems, so we can solve this quickly for you. We hope that we can count on you as dealers to solve these problems (do the update) before the start of next season, so customers don’t have to stand still at that moment.

600S antenne update

At the beginning of 2018 there will be a change in the frequency of TerraStar satellites. This is necessary to avoid any signal disruptions of the future MSS system (Mobile Satellite Service). Note, this only applies to the Raven 600S. When these antennas are updated to the newest version before the frequency change, nothing can go wrong. At this moment we are trying to find a quick way to perform this update. When we have some more information about this, we will send you an update as soon as possible.

Steer Ready tractors

A number of tractor manufacturers have renewed their tractor model range and will mount other steering valves in their new models. These valves are controlled by the Raven system when the customer chooses to purchase a Steer Ready tractor and connect a SBGuidance system to it. However, at this moment we are not able to steer these valves yet. This involves the following models:

  • New Holland T6 & T7 (new model) andT7HD
  • Case IH Maxxum & Puma (new model) and Optum
  • Steyr Profi & CVT (new model) and Terrus
  • Massey Ferguson & Valtra tractors with the new ISO screen.
  • Fendt 200 serie (new model).

When a customer asks for the possibilities to steer a Steer Ready tractor, check carefully whether it is an old or new model. If you are in doubt whether we can steer a specific tractor or not, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

AsteRx4 GPS receiver firmware

Last month, version 4.2.2 was released by our GPS receiver manufacturer for AsteRx4 receivers. However, we experience some problems with that. When updating to this version, in the worst case scenario, the receiver can get into a ‘’safe mode’’. After that the GPS receiver doesn’t work anymore and should be send to Middenmeer for RMA. That is why we choose to fall back on version 4.2.0. We will let you know when a newer version (with a fix for this issue) from our GPS receiver manufacturer is ready to install.

Log files

Sometimes failures or bugs are difficult to trace, because the issue is not really obvious. For example, random disengaging of the automatic steering without losing ACT power. In that case you can choose to make a data log. Based on this log, our software developers can often find the cause of the issue faster and better so we can solve the problem quicker for you. As a result, the costs for the customer are lower because the mechanic doesn’t have to spend so much time on the issue.

You as a dealer can also make these logs. Go to Info > System > Debug in SBGuidance and press the diskette button. Four log options are shown there, three of them are interesting. Read below where these three logs are intended for:

  • GPS: log regarding to (RTK) GPS signal.
  • CAN: log regarding to the CAN bus system. Fall away DynamIQ, STU etc.
  • BIN: log regarding to steering signals, angle sensor etc.

Place a checkmark at the correct log and restart SBGuidance to start the log. Now it is important to reproduce the issue. For example, when the bug occurs in the software because a certain action is performed. By tapping on the right button in the logging screen (with the down arrow) the log files are downloaded to the USB drive. On the USB drive the logs are stored in the ‘’diagnostics’’ folder. We would like to receive this complete diagnostics folder in our mailbox: [email protected], preferably with the time when the issue occurred.

If there are any questions about this, or help is needed, we are always willing to help you.

New/revised manuals

In the past two months we have been working on a couple of manuals. The new/revised manuals stated below are released and online on the Raven Europe website now;

  • Manual Installation Deutz-Fahr AgroSky – EN (revised)
  • Manual Operation SBGuidance 4.2 – EN
  • Quick Start Manual SBGuidance – EN

CANTool 2.0.31

A new version of the CANTool is available now. At some tractor brands it is possible (and compulsory for the German TÜV certification) to connect SBGuidance with the operator presence signal in the seat. When the operator is not in position a message will be shown in the screen and after a few seconds the automatic steering will be disengaged. A few changes related to this operator presence sensor functionality has been fixed in this CANTool version. The current voltage of the switch is shown and the settings are correctly saved with this new version.

Terminal to bridge repair period

If your customer has a broken terminal and it needs to be repaired at Raven Europe, a terminal from Raven Europe can be used to bridge the repair. This service can be used if your own service/demo terminal is already in use. After the repair has completed and the terminal has been returned, the terminal of Raven Europe must be returned to Raven Europe within 5 working days. For this service we ask €150,- per repair. If we didn’t receive the terminal within 5 working days we will calculate €50,- per day. If you want to use this service, you have to report this to our repair department. They will discuss with you whether this is possible. There is a limited number of terminals available, so we also ask you to return the terminal as soon as possible after repair.

Return to Stock Policy

If you have parts that you want to return, you can request this at [email protected]. We request you to provide the following information:

  • Order number
  • Part number
  • Serial number
  • Number of parts
  • Reason of return
  • Shipping number (not compulsory)

We can take parts back;

  • If the parts are at maximum 18 months old.
  • If the parts are complete, undamaged and unused.
  • If the value of the part exceeds €50,-.

*Parts that remain after installation of a kit are excluded from this arrangement.

For the return of the parts, depending on the age of the parts, costs will be charged. For these rates, see the table below.

Number of months from Raven ship date Restocking Fee
0-2 0%
3-6 15%
7-12 25%
13-17 50%