Dealer Update – November 2016

Dear dealers,

Mother Nature is bringing cold days to Holland. Ploughing and harvesting sugar beets are the main activities at the time of writing. We are busy with the SBGuidance AutoPlough and On-land plough systems in the fields and spend some time on preparing the technical service training which will find place in December 2016. We are happy to see that a lot of you have registered for this training days already. This shows us once again that we are not alone in maximizing the customer satisfaction!


Opening hours during winter

During the winter (up till February) the service department will be available for technical support (Monday to Friday) from 8:00 to 17:30. On Saturdays we will be available for technical support from 8:00 to 12:30.

Service training

All of our international and national dealers have been invited for the technical service training. Last week we had our first Dutch dealers over for training and we want to give you a quick overview of this theoretical and practical training. The pictures underneath give a quick impression of these days. The international training will start on 13 December for all who have registered.


Coverage data

With the release of SBGuidance 4.1 the coverage data (colorization of the field) is automatically saved under the field. Once the software is restarted, the coverage can be loaded again.

Coverage in combination with SBG section control

When a machine is equipped with a SmartSwitch (SBG Section control) system, the coverage data can be exported using the Field Manager. When the field is imported into another terminal, the coverage data will also be available.

The coverage data can also be exported to Google Maps. With this feature, the coverage will be visible in the Office.

With only a mouse click on the coverage in Google Earth, the date of the operation, treated area and so on will be visualized.

Did you know that…

  • You can see your own location in our terminal (only when using Internet)? Go to Info > Internet > Maps and see where you are working!

  • You can choose to trigger the overlap data colorization with a hitch sensor or other incoming signal?

  • You can add an additional box on our cabling, the ‘Roadswitch’, to use our cabling as an ISO cable boom? Plug the machine in the ISO connector on the back of the tractor and plug the ISO computer in the Roadswitch; you’re good to go!

  • You can buy Raven clothing? Just fill in an order form and get this unique items in house!





Product no.* Description Sizes Price per piece
101580000xx Polo, Bi-Colour S t/m XXXL € 25,-
101580000xx Polosweater, Bi-Colour S t/m XXXL € 35,-
101580000xx Softshell Jacket S t/m XXXL € 70,-
101580000xx Coverall 52 t/m 60 € 65,-

* The last 2 digits of the Product no. are depending on the size. In case of ordering, let us know which size is needed!