Dealer Update – Sept. 2016

Dear dealers,

here in Holland, autumn is ready to take over summertime. Darker evenings and later sunrises recognizes the autumn again, which means a busy season is coming up.

We already want to inform you about our service training, which will take place in the week of 12 December 2016. The training will take three days. This training will be both theoretical and practical, which means that we have a lot of presentations, but there will be plenty of time to just drive in the field with a tractor and ask questions while working with the system(s). Both SBG systems and Raven systems will be explained during these days.

When we have planned the exact date, time and schedule, we will inform you!


Opening hours late season

During the autumn season we have different service opening hours;

Monday – Friday 7:00 to 18:00 (CEST) Dutch time
Saturday 8:00 to 17:00 (CEST) Dutch time

The extended opening hours will be active starting from Monday 3 October until the season has come to an end, most of the time this will be around 5 or 6 weeks after start date.

After opening hours, our service technicians will be reachable until 22:00 (CEST). Just call the office (+31227 549300), wait for the voicemail and leave your message while speaking out your name and telephone number clearly. The service technician on duty will get this message and will call you back as soon as possible. Remember, calling back is only possible when you speak out your name and phone number clearly.


Last few months we haven’t been able to work much on new foreign manuals, except manuals for Agrifac in combination with SBG. If you are in need of any manuals in English or German that are not present on the SBG website, please let us know!

  • User manual – SBGuidance 4.x – Agrifac Condor – EN
  • GPS Installation manual – Agrifac Condor C03 – EN
  • GPS Configuration manual – Agrifac Condor C03 – EN
  • Hydraulic configuration manual – Agrifac Condor C04 – EN
  • Quick start manual – Section Control – Agrifac Condor – EN
  • Quick start manual – WIFI – Agrifac Condor – EN

SBGuidance 4.1.44

The newest software version, 4.1.44, will be released this week. Last week we have sent a document with an overview of the new functions in this software. When you have not received this document or you have questions about this software release, please contact us via +31227 549300 or [email protected].

Fendt VarioGuide: using the external GO

In SBGuidance 4.1 it is possible to use the steering engage (GO-) button of the Fendt VarioGuide console (only when using VarioGuide). This engage button can be linked to the GO/END buttons on the console of the Fendt tractor. To use this engage button no additional cabling is needed and only a different setup in the SBGuidance software should be used. In the newest Fendt VarioGuide installation manual on the SBG website, the setup of the SBGuidance and Fendt software to use this engage button is explained.


The ‘normal’ GO button (on the screen) cannot be used when this function is in use. It is only possible to use or the GO button on the screen, or the GO button on the Fendt console.

Set up Slingshot

A Slingshot modem only functions when it has received a GPS-signal, which it receives from the little black GPS patch antenna which is connected straight on the Slingshot.

If this patch antenna is broken, the SlingShot still receives internet but it won’t send out any correction signals. This can be solved by simply replacing the GPS patch antenna, but if you don’t have this spare part in stock, the modem can temporarily be adjusted to act like our ‘GeoConnect’, an older modem.

This will keep the customer going until the new GPS patch antenna has arrived. The settings for this old modem are quite simple, but make sure to put all settings back after replacing the GPS patch antenna. Once the Slingshot is set to act like the old modem, it can be unstable.

In order to do so, set the following settings (from figure 1 to figure 2). After that, disconnect the serial connector of the Slingshot modem (RTK Cor.) from the Slingshot, and connect it to the ‘COM5’ connector in the harness.

Setup Slingshot as GeoConnect

Setup Slingshot as GeoConnect

Correct settings Slingshot

Correct settings Slingshot


Deactivate the correction signal on the Slingshot portal to prevent a double entry of the correction signal account, which causes problems on the account.


When using this settings, the Slingshot modem becomes less stable than with normal use, only use this when there is no other option.

Please make sure that you take the responsibility to change the patch antenna as soon as possible in order to make sure the Slingshot works at its best. After replacing the patch antenna, make sure to set the settings back to original settings.

Don’t forget to reconnect the RTK Cor. connector back in the Slingshot again!


The new Cloud solution for use with GeoStar

After Dropbox stopped supporting Windows XP, it was necessary to find an alternative program for use on the GeoStar field computers. Sync is the new program for this computers.

This Cloud solution makes it possible to exchange fields and operations between your field computers in the field, using Cloud instead of the ‘old’ USB flash drive.

For the Viper4 field computer we use Dropbox, which we are still using and which is still our preferable program for using the Cloud. Only use Sync for customers with a GeoStar field computer! The installation of Sync will be more or less the same as Dropbox, we will soon have an installation manual.

In the customer interface, nothing has been changed.