Dealer Update – May 2016

Dear dealers,

Here it is, the first dealer update in English. Since November 2015 we have started with a monthly update for the Dutch dealers. Of course we could not let you down and we decided to translate it and make it worldwide available for all our dealers.


Service hours

In both the spring season as the autumn season, our service department is available from 7.00 till 18.00 (Dutch Time, UTC+2). After the normal opening hours, our service department is available by calling the office number (+31 227 – 549300) and wait for 20 seconds. A voicemail is played, which allows you to press ‘2’ if you want to leave your name and phone number. Our serving service specialist will call you back as soon as possible. Please make sure you speak out your name and phone number loud and clear, and repeat it. All our service specialists do speak English and German.

Outside the season (as we are right now) we have different opening hours. We are available from 8.00 till 17.30 (Dutch Time, UTC+2). In a next dealer update we will let you know when the season opening hours start again (depends on the weather).

Service email address

To make sure your e-mail will reach someone in the service department, please use the new general e-mail address [email protected].


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Most of our manuals are also available in English / German. The manuals are available for every dealer on our website, You can select your language in the right upper corner of the website. Please let us know ([email protected]) if you are looking for a manual which is not available on the website.


SBGuidance Live Update V3 – V4

On our website the Live Update Tool is available. Maybe you already used this tool, but we want to make sure that you are aware of this tool. It can be used to download the latest release versions of the SBG software, for example SBGuidance, Field Manager, Machine manager, Loader etc.

In the Live Update Tool there is a choice between SBGuidance software V3 and V4. Make sure you download the latest release of Version 3 or Version 4. To update a terminal from SBGuidance 3 to SBGuidance 4 you have to use a different update method than usual. After SBGuidance 4 has been installed, updating to a newer version can be done in the Update Manager.

The table below gives an overview of the latest software versions of both version 3.x and 4.x. Make sure all the programs on the terminal are on the latest version of version 3.x or all the programs are on the latest version of 4.x. The Viper 4 terminal always has version 4.x installed. The Geostar terminals normally use 3.x, but is also capable for 4.x.

Application 3.x.x 4.x.x
SBGuidance 3.8.7 4.0.165
Update manager 0.7 4.0.25
Loader 2.17.3 4.0.14
Field Manager 2.11.0 4.1.5
Machine Manager 2.6.0 4.0.2
Base Manager 3.4 4.0.3
Slingshot Manager 4.1.2 4.1.2

Cloud Sync

In the newer Field Manager, a Cloud Sync symbol is shown at the right bottom of the Field Manager. Instead of using an USB-drive to exchange fields and crop registrations between terminals, it is possible to import and export fields to the Cloud. Customers who wants to use this option needs to install Dropbox on their terminal. As a dealer you can download a manual and the Dropbox software on our website ( Notice that there are different installation methods for a Geostar terminal and a Viper 4 terminal. After the installation the customer needs to have a Dropbox account (free registration at

SBGuidance 4.0.165

At the moment, the latest release version of SBGuidance is 4.0.165. Most important improvement is the improvement in contour operations (operation on the complete field boundary). In older versions, sometimes the contour operation could not be fully created. In some cases, there were only 3 lines created and more lines were not added. In version 4.0.165, customers are able to create these contour operations again.

Update Manager; possibility to press the button with the ‘i’ to gather information on new release version

The info button was already in use for other programs (Field Manager, Machine Manager etc.) than SBGuidance, now it is possible to press this button also on a new version of SBGuidance. Everyone is able to see the bug fixes and new functions before installing a new version.

Field Manager 4.1.0; possible to import Fendt VarioGuide lines/boundaries

Since Field manager 4.1.0 it is possible to import lines or boundaries from Fendt VarioGuide GPS systems. In an earlier version it was already possible to import John Deere lines/boundaries. The newest Field Manager is version 4.1.5.

SlingShot Manager 4.1.2

Since the SlingShot 2.0 is on the market, we have developed a new version of the Slingshot Manager which is capable to change settings for both the SlingShot 1.0 and 2.0. Make sure that the newest version (4.1.2) of the Slingshot Manager is installed to avoid problems with the settings of the SlingShot Field Hub.

Check GPS antenna cable and GPS receiver; possible in software

In the newest RxControl it is possible to check the external GPS-antenna cabling of the SBG system. This function can be activated in RxControl on the top left side (see picture below).

In this tool, a score of the GNSS antenna signals and the cabling is given. A score of 10 out of 10 is definitely the best score, a score of 8 out of 10 is still good, but lower values can cause problems in receiving GPS signals. If the score is 7 or lower, try to replace the GPS-antenna cable or the GPS-antenna and check if the score improves.

DynamIQ release

DynamIQ firmware release 2.0.6

After a few years of using firmware 1.1.7 for the tractor DynamIQ, we release a new firmware version (2.0.6). This firmware makes us able to read in a seat switch and turn the GPS-steering off after a driver has left his seat for several seconds (optional function).

Installation tips

Mounting the relays

Sometimes we see problems with relays which are not mounted on a fixed place, but placed loose into a covered area (for example the battery box). If the relays are not mounted correctly, water has more chance to penetrate the housing and ruin the relays. We recommend to mount the relays on the frame or another fixed position. See the picture on the right for correct mounted relays.

Wheel angle sensors

On many new tractors there is already an integrated wheel angle sensor available for us to use. In most of this cases we do not have to mount a SBG wheel angle sensor, because we can use a SBG ‘spy-cable’ which uses the values of the integrated wheel angle sensor. Let us know when you have a tractor with an integrated wheel angle sensor, so that we can advise you whether you can use the sensor or not!

GPS Steer ready tractors

As many of you know, more and more manufacturers bring their tractors GPS Steer ready on the market. This means that both hydraulics and wheel angle sensor are already mounted. The SBG system can be mounted on many of these tractors, for example Intellisteer (CNH), VarioGuide (Fendt), AutoGuide (Massey Ferguson, Valtra), AutoTrac ready (John Deere), AgroSky (Deutz) and ATP ready (Claas). When there is a system which is not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can find out what the possibilities are!

Raven 600S antenna

In January 2016 we launched the Raven 600S antenna. The Raven 600S antenna is an antenna which can be activated for different levels of accuracy, which means that it can be ordered with SBAS, Satellite/SlingShot GS or RTK accuracy. The 600S comes standard with a dual frequency receiver and antenna, this means it is able to use the GLIDE technology and GLONASS. SBAS + GLIDE (the lowest accuracy of the 600S) has an accuracy of +/- 20 cm (pass-to-pass) and is perfect for applications such as section control.

The antenna can be upgraded to Satellite GS accuracy. This correction requires a payed subscription. With that the antenna reaches +/- 3 cm accuracy pass-to-pass (initial warm-up time is at least 20 min). The correction signal is received through a geostatic satellite.

The Raven 600S can be upgraded to RTK (+/- 2 cm) as well. The corrections will be received through a Slingshot modem. An RTK subscription is needed too.

The different possible accuracy levels of the Raven 600S are displayed in the following table.

  Accuracy absolute Accuracy pass to pass Glonass included Correction signal delivered by Subscription required
SBAS 60 cm 20 cm (GLIDE) Yes Satellite No
Slingshot GS 15 cm 10 cm No Slingshot field hub No
Satellite GS 5 cm 3 cm Yes Satellite Satellite GS
RTK 2 cm 2 cm Yes Slingshot field hub Cellular provider  + NTRIP/CORS network

The Raven 600S is configurable with both Raven field computers (Cruizer, Envizio and Viper 4) and the SBGuidance Viper 4 computer, software version 4.0.160 is needed for this. If NMEA output is needed, we have software version 4.1.4 (test version) to make this possible with the Raven 600S antenna. Please contact us if you need this test software version ([email protected]).