iSteer Side-Shift – Questionnaire

To be filled out by dealer (if required, together with the customer).
The dealer information is required for SBG to send a quote for iSteer hardware back to the dealer after this online form has been completed and sent to SBG.

* = required information

John Deere dealer information

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Tractor information

  • Please fill out tractor brand and type.
  • The standard package for iSteer contains a hydraulic valve block. This valve block can be ordered in two different configurations. Please select the appropriate configuration:
  • The tractor must be equipped with Power Beyond or Load Sense hydraulic couplers at the back of the tractor. (Totally three couplers: P, T, LS)
  • The tractor must have one hydraulic valve available to power the iSteer valve block. Valve block must be connected with two quick couplers.
  • ISOBUS connector (IBBC):
  • John Deere iSteer is powered and operated through the ISOBUS (ISO 11783) connector at back. Be sure the tractor is being equipped accordingly.
  • Note: If no ISOBUS connector is attached, please order the retrofit bundle “PFxxxx” via John Deere AMS price page. This bundle allows you to retrofit the vehicle with an ISOBUS connector and the necessary harnessing to attach a GreenStar 2 Display.
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Implement information

  • John Deere iSteer Side-Shift can be installed on various types of implements, which can be divided in two groups: 3-point mounted implements and pull type implements.
  • Although tested extensively, iSteer side-shift is not being tested for every type of implement on the market. There may be specific characteristics or behavior of certain implements that we provide you when applicable. Furthermore depending on the type of implement configuration, optional parts may be required. Please fill in the details of the implement you would like to equip with iSteer Side-Shift.
  • Exclusion: iSteer Side-Shift cannot steer implements by using steered wheels or disc coulters. (e.g. some types of potato planters and harvesters)
  • Implement brand and type.
  • Type of implement and way of steering:
  • A pull type implement should have a hydraulically steerable drawbar. SBG does not supply parts to retrofit an implement accordingly. (nevertheless implement manufacturers may do so)
  • Please select the appropriate type of side-shift cylinder below.
  • Determine the number of iTC extension harnesses needed
  • The full iSteer implement setup consists of four main parts: Starfire iTC-receiver, electrohydraulic valves, iSteer controller and position sensor. These parts are connected by a harness. The harness bundle consists of several standard parts and 1 optional extension part. Please determine the position of the iSteer parts on the implement considering the following conditions:
  • The Starfire iTC-receiver should be mounted near the steering point of the implement (For a 3-point implement this is near the side-shift cylinder. For a pull type implement this is near the pivot point on the implement)
  • The Starfire iTC-receiver should be mounted at such height that there is an unobstructed view to the satellites.
  • Hydraulics and iSteer controller are mounted together on one bracket. (supplied)
  • Maximum distances standard harness: Between ISOBUS-connector (IBBC) and hydraulics/controller: 3 meter. Between hydraulics/controller and Starfire iTC-receiver: 1,5 meter.
  • There is an extension harness available for the Starfire iTC-receiver the length is 2 meter. (it is possible to join multiple extension harnesses)
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Additional Information

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  • SBG Precision Farming will collect the information you have provided to us for the purpose of processing your request. We will not transfer your information to other companies.


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